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UKCCC 2023 Manchester


Meet us at the UKCCC 2023

Credit Services Association’s (CSA) UK Credit & Collections Conference (UKCCC) is the flagship annual event for the collections and debt purchase sector. Open to CSA members and non-members, it brings together professionals from across the collections and wider credit industry to discuss the most pressing issues faced by firms and their customers and stakeholders.

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Agree2Act & Payt

Agree2Act and Payt Software

Puzzle Agree2Act & Payt

Agree2Act and Payt Software joint forces to support SMEs battling late payments


It is a pleasure to announce that Agree2Act and Payt Software have entered a strategic partnership that will allow both companies to offer their clients a complete credit management solution.


The agreement combines Payt Software’s sophisticated system in automating accounts receivable management without losing the personal touch and Agree2Act’s world-class expertise in stabilising cash flow, getting businesses paid on time and successfully recovering old debts.


Payt software proves that automated credit management can be personal, efficient, and effective. The system sends invoices and reminders without the accounts receivable teams losing control of their processes, and the built-in advanced communication system facilitates the dialogue with all parties involved. In addition, the system can automatically start the collection procedure with Agree2Act.


The partnership business will benefit all our clients as it can provide many services with streamlined processes while making their business more profitable. It bridges the gap in quickly escalating unpaid invoices in a receivable ledger to debts managed by an expert collection agency.


By using Payt Software, organisations get paid 30-50% faster and save up to 80% of their teams’ time spent on accounts receivable management.


Agree2Act clients will now be able to take advantage of this complete credit management platform and let the time-consuming receivable functions to us!

For further information or to arrange a demo, please contact us on 0203 7575 393 or send an email to sa***@ag*******.com

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New Office London



PHONE: +44 2085281014


Fleet Street has traditionally been the home of the British press since the 18th century. As early as 1702, England’s first daily newspaper, the Daily Courant, had its editorial headquarters in a building on Fleet Street. Over the next nearly 300 years, it was joined by many other newspapers and news agencies. Today, the buildings are mainly occupied by lawyers’ offices and court registry offices.

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League International for Creditors (LIC) engaged Agree2Act

We are excited to grow internationally and become the latest League International for Creditors (LIC) member. 

 LIC is an association of independent debt collection agencies, credit reporting organisations, law firms and credit managers, bringing together hundreds of skilled and reliable experts.  

This international network of professionals supports creditors in overcoming their debt collection challenges worldwide. The association’s mission is “to deliver a debt collection service, together with attendant solutions, which improves the financial performance of the business of each other’s clients, as well to sustain and grow the Association into a leading debt recovery service provider worldwide.”

We look forward to actively assisting the association in achieving their goals. We also look forward to supporting our fellow members in providing ethical and outstanding recovery services to their clients.  

We are pleased to be part of the LIC family, thank you.

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What are the benefits of employing an engaged collection agency in the current climate?

Given a choice, creditors would not refer their customers to a debt recovery organisation. However, choosing the right collection partner is hugely beneficial.

A recovery agency is an extension of any company, so selecting an engaged collection agency with a track record of success and reputation is vital. In addition, these agencies stay well-informed of the collection industry’s latest trends and compliance requirements, bringing professional services to creditors and their customers.

Involving an engaged collection agency offers a meaningful approach to debt collection. Their recovery teams are trained professionals with proven skills to deal with any situation and bring down any payment barriers.

The conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have increased the number of individuals and businesses experiencing financial difficulties. Engaged collection agencies’ strategies offer the appropriate level of forbearance for effectively managing relationships with customers in vulnerable circumstances.
These techniques balance the need to examine customers’ repayments and their repayment ability to ensure the debt is quickly repaid with an affordable payment plan. These practices bring success by maintaining consistent cash flow and protecting all parties’ brands and reputations.

This scenario is a practical example of how an engaged collection agency such as Agree2Act is an essential addition to any successful receivable department.

Please find out how we can support your business by visiting our website and starting a web chat or calling us at 01732 928940.